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Membership Drive
& Giveaway Details

Thank you for supporting our first membership drive of 2024! FoTG has grown substantially since we launched our Group in 2020 across all social media channels and we want to show y'all our active and engaging FB community! 

Raffle with Spaceman Knives:

With the additions to the group we aim to reach our goal of a 1,000 member increase to 4,000 members, and as a token of our appreciation, all current members, and new members will be added to a raffle to win the “Dark Matter” chef knife
by Spaceman Knives

Membership Drive Begins

April 17th and will run through May 8th, or unless we reach our goal before then.

fellowship of the grill


Enter your details on the form and we will add you as an FB group member within the following 4 days of submission!

  • It’s important to use the email address associated with your Facebook profile so we can locate your account.
  • Please check your Facebook notifications in the following 4 days of joining this membership drive.
  • Share this page with other grill enthusiasts to join in on the fun!

Eligibility Terms: 
To be eligible to win the raffle with Spaceman Knives, you must remain a member of the FB group at minimum for the remainder of 2024 and be a kind human being to the rest of the group. To be considered for the raffle you must be joined through the form on this page. 

Entry Form


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