Cook-off to Summer

Fellowship of The Grill’s Cook-off To Summer is a tournament style cook-off  in celebration of Summer.
Launching May 2022 from the comfort
 of your own home. 

the small bite

The Cook-off

FoTG wants to boost your confidence, and we want to do it in a fashion that’s fun, casual, and safely executed in the comfort of your own home while gaining both visibility and a sense of community.

The cook-off consists of “Grillers” who participate in cooking challenges on a deadline using pre-determined products to incorporate, then have the community vote on Instagram. 

Applications close April 8th, 2022

the big bite

The Details

If you love to cook and don’t mind being under a little pressure to hit a deadline, we encourage you to apply! This cook-off is low-key pressure, high-key confidence building. Allow yourself to show off those Grill Skills! If you aren’t part of our Facebook Group (or Instagram) yet, you should do that to get a feel for how members share their creations and the process that goes along with it. 

Think of this tournament style like one with brackets. Each group of Grillers will have “x” amount of challenges to execute in order to move to the next round. Each contestant must submit content of their finished plate, where FOTG will then promote it over Instagram using a voting method (so rally up your friends and family!)

We will soon announce our sponsors, stay tuned! If you are interested in learning more about sponsorships and the options available, please message us. 

Below are a few most pertinent details for those interested in participating:

submit your application

Click below to learn more about our basic requirements and to fill out the application via Google Form. This will open a new tab. Please note that due to the high volume of submissions, we are only responding to those who have been selected. 

*Submitting an application does not grant you a place in the cook-off. 

cook-off application
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Message us if you have any questions about the cook-off. We’ll do our best to get back to you within 48 hours. 

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